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Your Egg Hunt Starts Here

A bullet vibrator or also know as an egg vibrator is a toy every woman should have in her collection!

The versatility of this sex toy means you can use it on almost any body part or to stimulate your lover. Plus, it’s good to get to know your own body.

Bullet vibrators are classic sex toys for more than one reason!

Portable: They’re small enough to toss in your luggage or purse. They’ll even fit in some pockets!

Versatile: You can use them on your clitoris or nipples, or you can insert them into the base of some dildos, cock rings or anal toys to make them vibrate. A smaller size means you can even tuck one into your panties!

Discrete: Bullet vibes don’t necessarily look like sex toys. Their small size and non-phallic shape ensures you won’t necessarily be found out if someone discovers your vibrator.

Easy to use:¬†There’s little learning curve with most bullet or egg vibrators. Many operate with a single push-button so you don’t have to worry about how to use bullet vibrator. Others have a remote that enables you to control it.

Quiet: Most bullet vibes are quieter than those that are super-powered, which certainly aids to discretion when you share a home with other people.

Now the hunt is on to find the perfect vibrating Egg for you!