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Do You Know the Joys of Finger Sex Toys!

Add a little vibration to your sexual encounters simply and non-intrusively! Slide a cordless Fukuoku easily onto your fingertip and incorporate vibration naturally and easily. Because the Fukuoku 9000 runs on powerful watch batteries, the soft vinyl tip packs a quiet but powerful buzz. The Fukuoku 9000 is compact making it perfect for a purse & for travel. It is fingertip shaped for more focused vibrations to stimulate surface erogenous zones like nipples or the perineum. Although this little finger toy comes with three different sleeves, insertion is not recommended. You can also use this multi-purpose massager  for relieving headaches, eye fatigue, muscular tension, foot or leg stress and sinus pain. Each Fukuoku 9000 comes with 2 watch batteries and a black vinyl case with belt loop.