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Finding the right condom for you both is important

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Finding the right condom for you both is important

& we couldn’t agree more!

Different condoms can completely transform your sexual experience and provide new experiences to bring you closer together as a couple. Remember, what might work for you may not work between you and your partner. We have a few condom suggestions from Durex Brand:

Are you feeling energetic? Whether you feel like going all night- or for a shorter session using a whole night’s worth of energy, you might feel that you need a little bit of extra security. Durex Safe & Secure are slightly thicker than standard condoms and will help to give you the feeling of extra security

Feeling intimate? For a deeper feeling of connection and real intense contact, a thinner condom can make all the difference. Durex thin condoms include Sensi Thin Condoms & Avanti Bare Condoms. These help transfer body-heat between the two of you, as well as helping you to feel every movement, every twitch and every sensation.

Want more stimulation? Ribbed condoms can add intensity for both partners as raised dots and ribs can stimulate areas in new and exciting ways. The different textures provided by these condoms can feel as exciting as a sex toy. Try Intense Sensation Lubricated Condoms, or Pleasuremax Lubricated Condoms, and to mix it up completely why not try Durex Pleasure Mix Lubricated Condoms.

Feeling a little experimental? All condoms come lubricated, it’s essential in preventing rips and breaks in the condom, but it also helps the two of you move together. To help you both reach your climax together Durex has produced the Performax Lubricated Condom. This condom has a silky standard lubricant on the outside to speed her up, and climax control lube on the inside to slow him down.

Many people have their favorite type of condom. For some, a feeling of safety may be paramount. For others, they may want something thinner to help feel closer and more intimate. Maybe you love the feeling of a ribbed or dotted condoms for extra sensations.

In summary, we may all have our favorites, but it’s great to experiment and try something new while feeling safe knowing you are protected from risk of pregnancy or infection.