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Fleshlight is a popular male sex toy

fleshlight male masturbator sex toy

Fleshlight is the most popular male sex toy and here’s why!

A Fleshlight is by far the most popular male sex toys in the industry and not just because of their partnership with top adult movie stars. There are so many different options for sale and it can be downright confusing choosing which one to buy. Although it might seem appealing to buy one based upon the porn star, it might be better to take a look at the texture and appearance instead.

Each of the textures will have a different feel. Generally, the more bumps, depth changes and spikes in the canal the more intense it will be. Depending on what you’re looking for you should find a texture that matches your needs.

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

The Stamina Training Unit was created to help users increase their performance, stamina and technique all while they enjoy themselves. The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit  has one of the more intense textures available and it is intense all the way through. This allows it to maintain a constant pressure, giving you the best opportunity to train your stamina and performance. For any men with stamina issues, this model is a must. Practicing with the Stamina Training Unit will allow you to perform far better in bed.

The Fleshlight Jenna Haze, Obsession

If you are looking for an intensely pleasurable texture then Obsession by Jenna Haze is recommended. It has the tightest, most intense texture and will feel better than any other sleeve. The reason for this is primarily the concentration of bristles that make for not only an extremely tight fit but also for supplying huge amounts of pressure. If you have problems with low levels of stimulation when you masturbate then trying an intense sleeve like Obsession might help you to enjoy it more.

The Fleshlight Pilot

The Fleshlight Pilot is often one of the products that beginners to this industry pick because it is not as intimidating and more discreet than the larger models. If you are looking for a toy that is easier to hide or to take with you when your travel then this is by far the best option. While the full size models have an insertable length of approx 9 inches the Pilot only goes up to approx 6 inches. This means two things; it is easier to carry and most guys will be able to enjoy the entire sleeve. Its fun for everyone!

The absolute most important part of any toy is the way that it functions and with a Fleshlight it is all about the texture of the sleeve. Of course, this all comes down to your individual taste and so you should pick one that you think will suit you best. Each of these sleeves is created with “Superskin” material which is a trademarked material that Fleshlight has created to simulate as closely as they can the real feel of a human body. This is what sets them apart from all others.

Now, let’s talk accessories…


One of the cheapest accessories than you can buy is lube! This is highly recommended and you will likely find it very uncomfortable if you do not use any lubricant with these toys. Always choose a water-based lubricant for easy clean up and for preventing erosion of the sleeve. Some oil/silicone based lubes will cause a breakdown of the latex and rubber which will cause your product to break much quicker.

The Fleshlight Vstroker

For guys who are looking for some next-generation pleasure, the Vstroker allows you to integrate your fleshlight into an interactive porn scene. For someone looking to make their experience more exciting and enjoyable, the Vstroker is a crucial upgrade. Get the full porn star experience for a very small cost!

The Fleshlight Shower Mount

A shower mount allows you to screw your Fleshlight into the holder and then stick it onto your bathroom tiles. Of course, this allows you to use it hands-free! The suction cup on the shower mount allows it to be mounted to practically any surface, not just in the shower. This suction cup makes it ideal for using in your bedroom too, for example on a cupboard or your bedroom door.

The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

If you have never used one of these toys before then you might wonder why you would want a warmer. With a cold toy you are not going to have quite the same enjoyment as the real deal. A warmer is the easiest and most recommended way to warm up your Fleshlight but if you are not willing to spend the money then you can also bathe it in warm water for 10-minutes before usage.

Finally how do you use it…

The first thing you should do is to warm the inside of the toy, you can do this by putting it on the Sleeve Warmer or bathing it in warm-hot water for 10-minutes. Once your Fleshlight is warm inside you should empty any remaining water and then apply a reasonable amount of lube, this will prevent any pulling or rubbing. Then, you can insert yourself into the toy as you would with a woman or man (Fleshlights are available in vaginal, anal and mouth sleeves). Once you have finished it is important that you clean your sex toy. Fortunately, the sleeve is designed to rinse easily. You can take the sleeve out and clean it with a good toy cleaner and then rinse it thoroughly with water before letting it dry overnight.

In conclusion

Here is some interesting company information. Fleshlight was founded by Steve Shubin in 1995 and to this day he runs the company Interactive Life Forms with his wife. The company was granted a patent in July 1998 for their type of product and have gone on to create different styles after the traditional tube design they started with. Later on they started their range of Fleshlight Girls which are based upon some of the most popular porn stars.